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Faster, cheaper digital technologies are delivering an unprecedented array of social and economic benefits. And the process of digitizing and connecting isn’t slowing down; it’s introducing a whole range of new risks from a variety of known and unknown sources. No surprise, then, that business and government leaders place cybersecurity high on their agenda.

But it’s not just security that matters: in order to increase the benefits and minimise the harms in this digital landscape, leaders should be considering cyber resilience as a strategic goal.

Cyber Resilience Training is proud to bring you Australia’s most advanced cyber training programs for Boardroom Members, Executives and your whole workforce.

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Being resilient requires those at the highest levels of a company, organisation or government to recognise the importance of avoiding and mitigating risks. While it is everyone’s responsibility to cooperate in order to ensure greater cyber resilience, leaders who set the strategy for an organization are ultimately responsible, and have increasingly been held accountable for including cyber resilience in organisational strategy.

With cybersecurity becoming increasingly relevant to businesses, ensuring every employee is aware of the implications is paramount.

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IT Security Starts With Your Employees

Consider how much access you give your employees to sensitive customer and company data. A lot, right? Every employee, from the custodial team member to the top executive, has access to at least a portion of private material in your business. Every person, every account, and every device connected to your network is an open line for a malicious attack.


These threats will only continue to spread as Big Data and business intelligence become more prevalent in the digital world. Is your business ready and protected? More importantly, are your employees trained and ready to stop these threats before they become an expensive problem?

Cyber Resilience Training is proud to bring you Australia’s most advanced cyber training programs in partnership with Cyber Indemnity Solutions (CIS) and their national association of cyber security member corporations – called ‘CRIMSON RISK”.

Cybersecurity Resilience Training: How to Turn Every Employee into a Cyber Resilience Expert

Your business could have world-class firewalls, anti-virus software, and other cyber security programs installed on your network, but that’s still not enough to prevent data breaches, cyber attacks, and internal threats.

Cyber Indemnity Solutions and Crimson Risk will train and educate your staff onhow to handle confidential information, email safely and undertake security best practices, especially as increasingly sophisticated social engineering schemes develop new ways to acquire sensitive data. If employees don’t understand how criminals are working and how they can be targeted, they can’t be on the lookout for them.

  • Train all employees – any one of them can become a target, not just those who are customer-facing.
  • Make your employees part of the solution by emphasizing their role in protecting your company’s information and asking for their ideas to mitigate risk of a breach.


Cyber Indemnity Solutions Ltd and Crimson Risk, an ecosystem of cyber risk professionals, present a workshop uniquely designed to arm you with what you need to know about cyber threat, directors responsibilities with regard to local and overseas regulatory changes and how to do to improve your organisation’s cyber resilience.

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